Sweet Dreams

Group exhibition
February 29th – March 30th, 2024
Opening: February 29th, 5pm – 8 pm
Chiguer Art Contemporain, Montreal, QC

Sweet Dreams, 2024

Daniel Barrow, Catherine Bolduc, Alexanne Dunn et Véronique La Perrière M.

To celebrate our first year in Montreal, Chiguer art contemporain is thrilled to present Sweet Dreams, a group show featuring two new collaborations with Catherine Bolduc and Véronique La Perrière M, as well as works by Daniel Barrow and Alexanne Dunn. Thanks to your support and commitment, we’ve had the pleasure of presenting, over the past year, solo exhibitions featuring Dan Brault, Annie Baillargeon, Laurent Craste, Claudie Gagnon and BGL, as well as several group shows. Once again, we’d like to express our deep gratitude for having contributed in making this possible. Sweet Dreams offers a spellbinding incursion into the intimate worlds of Daniel Barrow, Catherine Bolduc, Véronique La Perrière M and Alexanne Dunn. Taking a sensitive look at the world, they transpose their perceptions and imaginations pictorially with virtuosity, through painting, collage, printmaking and drawing. Their equivocal, suggestive creations are only partially revealed, always retaining a large element of mystery. Together, the artists weave an ambiguous narrative marked by a tension between the hidden and the revealed. Through the medium of paper, Daniel Barrow and Véronique La Perrière M deploy an enchanting pictorial language inspired by the imagery of fables, fairy tales and myths. At the heart of their fantastical dreamlike worlds, where characters and creatures converge, the boundaries between the human, the animal and the vegetal blur, giving rise to hybrid compositions as bewitching as they are disturbing. Fascinated by the complexity of the human psyche and the unconscious, they entice us to the other side of the looking glass, into marvellous worlds where shadows and trouble lurk. Through their creations, the artists become guardians of dreams and imagination, restoring its virtues of escapism, power and liberating potential. Using decorative materials that she prints, paints or draws with remarkable skill, Catherine Bolduc creates enticing fantasy landscapes brimming with details. Her dreamlike compositions evoke natural topographies, reminiscent of mountain peaks and volcanoes. In her works, textures and organic, overflowing forms imbued with vivid colors overlap, intertwine, and spread in a hypnotic baroque accumulation. The artist deftly manipulates the viewer’s perception, drawing his gaze into a maze of details where he wanders with delight. Alexanne Dunn explores the notion of intimacy through a close study of architectural elements and windows, sensitively translating their subtle chromatic variations. Through this fine attention to detail, she captures with precision the luminous effects of glass, such as transparency, reflection and refraction, magnifying the beauty of everyday life in all its nuances. For Alexanne, windows offer a glimpse into the inner worlds of others, stirring curiosity, imagination and dreams.