Solo Exhibition
February 4 – May 28, 2023
Vernissage: February 4, 2pm
Artist talk: April 22, 2pm
Centre d’exposition de Val-David, Val-David QC


“What can the dream do? The question is more crucial than ever. With the capacity to dream, humanity summons an intelligence as vast as perception, which overflows consciousness on all sides. [The dream] is an unceasingly renewed call to a conversion. ”
– Anne Dufourmantelle, The Intelligence of Dreams (free translation)

“The dream is uprising and hope”.
– G. Didi-Huberman, Awakening Dreams to Existence (free translation)


When consciousness falls asleep, existence awakens in the dream, this enigmatic dimension of possibilities. In the current context of environmental, social and political violence that obstructs the visions of the future, Onirographie proposes to listen to the dream and its powers of conversion. Exploring oneiric space and metamorphoses, this work seeks to take care of what, in us, is capable of visions.

From scientific, theoretical and intuitive points of view, this research approaches the dream as a state of awakening and summons its forces of conversion and resilience. Through drawing, sculpture, installation and writing, the dream is considered as an intercessor, a tool of knowledge and transformation that opens the possibilities of existence.

On the surface of paper and forms, winged messengers manifest themselves, crossing air, water, gazes, falls and flights. Paper houses and shelters reveal multi-sided stories, half-open narratives invite reconfigurations of time. The figure of the moth, with its delicate patterns imitating eyes, reveals unexpected glances in the manner of dreams. The links and correspondences between species (plant and animal) are traced like evidences and enigmas.

Onirographie wishes to reflect on how dreams, those intercessors that stay in us and watch over us, can help us to undertake extraordinary things and bring forth the vision of unexpected futures. Futures that could truly move and transmute us. The dream, like creation, summons what is beyond us, it calls the future and gives us the possibility to respond to it.


Centre d’exposition de Val-David
2495, de l’Église Street, Val-David (Quebec)
Wednesday – Sunday : 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Info: 819-322-7474


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts