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Mirror, Methamorphosis and Time in Reverse
Sagamie Édition d’art, 2020
Text by Claire Caland & Émilie Granjon
Details : 124 pages, colour, hard cover, French/English
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Type : Monograph
Date: 2020
Authors : Fabienne Claire CALAND & Émilie GRANJON
Artist : Véronique LA PERRIÈRE M.
Description : 124 pages, colour, 8,5 x 10 inches, French/English
ISBN : 978-2-923612-59-1
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This book is a meeting between a visual artist and two art critics, longtime friends, who are used to writing with four hands. The book deepens the discovery of La Perrière M.’s work by exploring in an open and poetic way the shared writing and images. Covering more than a decade of Véronique La Perrière M.’s drawing practice and her research through other mediums such as video and photography, Claire Caland and Émilie Granjon wanted to trace an invitation to travel. Here, words dialogue with the artist’s creative trajectory, open up avenues of reflection and create links with the worlds of literature, mythology and art history. Taking a form that is more rhizomatic than linear, the reader is invited to browse through this book, in order or in disorder, surveying three territories of thought. Intertwining the chronology of production of the works, the triptych “Mirrors”, “Metamorphosis”, and “Worlds” weave webs of associations. Through the journey of words towards the artwork, the reader is invited to enter the delicate and surreal universe of the artist.



“Véronique La Perrière M. creates worlds in order to reflect: on the self among other selves; on the self in the solitude of creation; on the self as a plant or animal; and on the self that becomes a legion of selves, selves reflected in the mirror’s surface.”

“La Perrière unfailingly draws us into an interplay of illusions, a theatrical performance, a fairy-tale mise-en-scène for young and old alike. However, many questions remain. What is hidden in the pleats of the princess’s dress? Women forgotten by history. Under the donkey’s skin? Secrets and riddles yet unsolved. In the depths of her mirrors? Anything but the expected.
And yet, there is so much still to observe and reflect upon! Unicorns, living statues, flying carpet-borne trees, and flowery Medusas.”



« “Tell us another story, and another!” Claire and Émilie plead. Stories for dreaming, for reflecting, for imagining that anything is possible, that we can grow wings, that a furry mantle will protect us from the hunt, that we can be whatever we want, wherever we want.

Véronique laughs, and continues her handiwork. »