Archéologie du futur

Solo Exhibition
FOFA Gallery, Montreal QC
March 2 – April 10, 2015

Archéologie du futur, extrait de la Clinique Alchimique

La clinique alchimique is a space dedicated to trial and experimentation that displays and documents artistic research in connection with alchemy and the temporality of dreams. Initiated in 2012, this multimedia work is oriented toward the act of drawing, the manipulation of video images and installation. Following encounters with a variety of spaces and contexts, the project reconfigures itself and integrates new archives and research experiences. Rooted in an approach that can be described as poetic anthropology, this artistic study aims to draw-out the realm of dreams and imagination and to explore the intersection between mythology, psychoanalysis and the discipline of alchemy. Attentive to notions of passage, transformation, threshold and ritual, La clinique alchimique is in seeks a potential reenchantment of the real, the known and the order of time. By embarking on a poetic commitment to the world and to materality, the process of this study also bears witness to the fragility and mystery of existence.